Couple admiring paintings at our exhibition space in Sadadeen

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View fantastic works by established and emerging artists

If you are an art lover, Yubu Napa Pty Ltd offers an array of works by the finest emerging and established artists at our exhibition space in Sadadeen. We regularly play host to the area's most popular and best selling artists with new and exciting works on display at regular intervals.

There are as many purposes for art pieces as there are styles of art. At Yubu Napa Pty Ltd we supply Sadadeen with a range of works that has something to appeal to all types of buyers. Whether you are a newcomer or an experienced collector, our exhibition space in Sadadeen is sure to have a piece that will catch your interest. Call or visit our friendly staff today for more information.

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Our wide collection

Great art does more than hang on a wall. A fine artwork can bring life to a room and provide a talking point for years to come. Our exhibition space in Sadadeen features a vast array of artworks in various mediums to suit any taste.

Yubu Napa Pty Ltd offers a great selection of:

  • Paintings and prints
  • Sculptures
  • Photographic prints
  • Works by emerging artists
  • Works by established artists

All styles and tastes

At Yubu Napa Pty Ltd, our art consultants can help you discover the right piece to suit your taste, environment and budget. Whether you want an investment piece, a conversation piece for your home or an artwork to adorn a foyer or meeting room, our experts can assist you with professional and personalised service. Our experienced consultants are always searching to bring you original art pieces that cover a wide range of styles and genres.

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